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How to get the Cowplant in The Sims 4

How to get the Cowplant in The Sims 4

The Cowplant, scientifically known as the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, is making its return to the franchise. This time it’s even part of the Base Game! Sims can collect a Cowplant in multiple ways. In this guide I’ll show you where to get one of your own and how to look after them once you get one.

Where to find a Cow Berry

Some ways are definately more efficient than others, so let’s go through all of them with a bit of explanation. You can then pick the way which best suits you and your playstyle.

Digging for treasures

Every dig site around town has a small chance to give you a Cow Berry when you are digging for treasures, meaning you’ll need to find a treasure map first. This probably has the lowest success rate of all.

Explore space

To collect a Cow Berry like this you’ll need to build a rocket ship and explore outer space. When your Sim is exploring space, there is a small chance they’ll pick up a Cow Berry. However, it is more likely they’ll come home from their adventures with a Space Rock or even Aliens.

If your Sims catches one of these crates, it might contain a Cow Berry.

Fishing for a Cow Berry

Your Sim has a chance to catch a Cow Berry on any fishing spot with rare fish. I recommend you have at least Level 5 Fishing Skill before you start trying, or else your Sim might quit due to too many failed attempts.

One of the best known spots to fish for a Cow Berry is near the Desert Bloom park in Oasis Springs. Look for the entrance to the Forgotten Grotto all the way in the back, far away from the actual lot and start fishing at the little body of water closest to it.

If you have The Sims 4 Get to Work you can also fish at the fishing docks of Magnolia Promenade. This place also seems to have a very high success rate when it comes to catching a Cow Berry.

Grafting with the Gardening Skill

Reaching Level 5 of the Gardening Skill will give your Sim the ability to graft plants. You will need a Strawberry plant and two cuttings from a Snapdragon plant. Graft the Snapdragon cutting onto the Strawberry plant to create a Dragonfruit plant. Then use your second Snapdragon cutting on the Dragonfruit plant. This plant will now have a chance to grow Cow Berries.

Buy a seed packet

Once your Sim mastered the Gardening Skill they can buy the Rare Plants seed packet. You can order these packets for the price of §1.000 on a computer, your Sims’ phone with the Purchase Gifts… interaction or just buy them via Build & Buy Mode. The seed packets have a chance to contain a Cow Berry, amongst other cool plants like the Death Flower.

How to grow and take care of a Cowplant

Luckily the Cow Berry can be planted at any level of the Gardening skill, so you won’t need to worry about that. It only takes a couple of days for the Cowplant to fully mature. Make sure your Cowplant has plenty of space to grow, as it will need a 2×5 square radius on the grid of your lot.

If you happen to have The Sims 4 Seasons you can grow your Cowplant during any season, so you won’t need to place it inside a greenhouse.

All the life stages of the Cowplant: Cow Berry, planted, sprouting, mature plant and skeleton (withered).

Once your Cowplant is mature a few new interactions will become available. You can play with it, pet it (it’s actually quite nice) or try to feed it. With one of the updates in 2020 came the ability to actually name your Cowplant as well. Here are some fun name ideas:

  • Betsy
  • Daisy
  • Bella
  • Oreo
  • Spot
  • Tux
  • Milkyway

When to feed your Cowplant

Your Cowplant will only accept food when it’s hungry, which should be approximately once every 12 hours. You can see if a Cowplant is hungry by its behaviour. It will try to lure Sims in for a quick snack by teasing them with a piece of cake, which is in fact the bovine’s tongue… Yup, rather weird.

If you do not feed the Cowplant within 24 hours of its last feeding it will die and cannot be revived, unlike other plants. The skeleton can be moved or deleted in Build & Buy mode.

Tip: Never leave a Sim unattended with a Cowplant. If a Cowplant gets hungry in your absence they might end up killing your Sim.

How to milk the Cowplant

Sims dumb enough to try and grab the cake will be eaten alive. About half of the time your Cowplant will spit them back up, but other times this encounter is rather deadly for the Sim in question. Each time your Cowplant eats a Sim, it doesn’t matter if their victim dies or not, they will produce milk. Your Sim can now milk the Cowplant.

When the Sim makes it out alive the Cowplant produces a milk based on the emotional state of the Sim. If your Sim consumes these types of milk, they’ll get a moodlet based on the emotion of the milk they drank.

If the Cowplant ends up killing a Sim it will produce the Essence of Life drink. This drink will add extra days to the life of any Sim who drinks it. It will also give the consumer a Happy moodlet. How sadistic!

Watch our Cowplant videos

Did you know Cowplants can dance? You’ll almost forget how deadly they are.

You can also purchase a Cowplant with the Buy Debug mode cheat (adds extra objects) found on the Cheat Code Master List. If you like to complete collections, make sure you put the berry in your inventory first so it will count towards your Plant collection.


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