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How to Host Play Dates for your Toddlers

How to Host Play Dates for your Toddlers

This event is added when you own The Sims 4 Toddler Stuff Pack, otherwise it won’t show up as an event.

Host a big party for tiny tots! Invite all the toddlers your little one knows for fun, play, and general merriment. While the tykes run to and fro, grill up some food and exchange parenting tips with fellow caregivers.

Preparation before hosting the play date

First you need to befriend a few toddlers in the neighborhood. It can be hard to find any because they are not present when you just created the game. You’ll need to add more toddlers in the neighborhood before you can find them.

What objects do you need?

  • Not an object but it is required to have a toddler in the family or else you can’t host a play date.
  • A Grill so you don’t have to walk back in the house to prepare food.
  • A Toddler Slide.
  • A Stereo so Sims can listen to music.
  • A Bookcase with toddler books.

How to host a Play Date and invite other toddlers

Now it’s time to host the play date. Go to your phone and click on Plan a Social Event and select Toddler Play Date. You’ll need at least 3 participants for this event; a host caregiver, host toddler and a guest toddler. You can select up to 7 Sims for each role. One of your family members needs to befriend toddlers first in the neighborhood before they can be invited to a play date. For each toddler you invited there will also be a caregiver that comes along with them. Make sure you have enough room for all the guests.

Select a venue or lot to host the event. This can be at home or at the park. Now you have 6 hours to complete the goals.

Toddler Jungle Gym
Invite more toddlers so you can complete goals faster

Complete Goals and earn a Gold Medal on the Event

This event comes with a lot of fun goals to complete. It’s easy to earn a gold medal in time and you don’t have to place all the toddler objects on the lot to complete all the goals.

Main Goal

  • Hosts Socialize with Guests (0/10)
    This can be done by the caregiver hosts or the toddler hosts. You’ll have to perform 10 socialize actions to complete the main goal.

Additional Goals

  • Eat Food (0/4)
    Grill anything on the barbecue to serve food for your guests. Click on the dish and select Call to Meal so the guests will eat it in time before the event is over.
  • Have Sims Listen to the Stereo at the Same Time (0/3)
    Make sure the stereo is on and click on the stereo and listen to music. This works for both the caregiver as for the toddlers.
  • Have Sims Dance at the Same Time (0/3)
    Click on the stereo and Dance to the music.
  • Play with a Toddler (0/1)
    For example you can play with a toddler at the jungle gym.
  • Talk to a Toddler (0/5)
    Any interaction that involves talking will do such as; Tell Story, Talk about Day or Get to Know.
  • Have Sims Become Playful at the Same Time (0/3)
    Do interactions like make funny faces (requires The Sims 4 Parenthood), Tell funny story or place objects like the MySims statues or Voidcritter Cards (requires The Sims 4 Kids Room Stuff)
  • Help a Toddler Slide/Climb (0/1)
    You’ll need to help a Toddler climb the slide or the toddler can climb up on it’s own. The caregiver will catch the toddler below the slide.
  • Have a Toddler Climb up the Slide (0/1)
    Select the toddler and have them Climb up the slide.
  • Have a Toddler go Sliding (0/1)
    Select the toddler and make them Slide.
  • Read a Book to a Toddler (0/1)
    Make sure you purchase toddler books first, after that you can click on the bookcase or toddler to read to them.
Toddler Play Dates Rewards
From the left: Party Pack (Bronze), Party Poppers (Silver), all-inclusive Jungle Gym set (gold)

Play Date Medal Rewards

When you completed the play date event you’ll be given several rewards. You can find these rewards in your household inventory (Build mode).

  • Bronze Medal
    The Bronze medal will gift you a clutter item: Party Pack.
  • Silver Medal
    You’ll receive the Balloons: Party Poppers.
  • Gold Medal
    When you reach the Gold Medal your household will receive the all-inclusive Jungle Gym set.

Fun Fact: Teens can also be caregivers to host play dates.

Have fun! If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments below. I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.


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