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Flamingo Room Challenge

Flamingo Room Challenge

Is there anything more entrancing and beautiful than a flamingo? That’s why we love to present you this challenge! Decorate the most beautiful room, flamingo style.

Challenge Rules

  • Place at least one Flamingo decoration in the room.
  • You can create a bedroom, living room, bathroom or whatever room you like.
  • Make it elegant and use the required Flamingo decoration as inspiration for the colors.
  • Optional: You can use CC in this challenge.

Tip! You can download a lot more paintings without installing CC in your Sims. Go to the Gallery and search for the room: All Paintings made by ElectraPotato.

About the Decorating Challenges

We create decorating challenges for you to compete in. You can use these challenges in Let’s Build video’s on YouTube, challenging a friend or testing your own decorating skills.

If you want to upload the room you build for these challenges use hashtag #DecoratingChallenge in The Sims 4 Gallery so people can find them easily.


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