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New gameplay trailers for The Sims 4

New gameplay trailers for The Sims 4

The official YouTube channel of The Sims has released two more trailers. The videos show a handful of the exciting new gameplay of The Sims 4. To quote their words, the gameplay will be smarter and weirder than ever before. Sims will also have emotions, influencing how they behave and react towards certain interactions.

Smarter and Weirder Sims

The first trailer shows us a wide variety of things that Sims can do. Bake cupcakes using some sort of huge cupcake machine, seduce an older man and become has trophy wife. The Sims 4 really lets you do whatever you want even if that means you build a rocket in your very own backyard! Other trusted features return to the game as well, such as the maid and the cute, but dangerous cowplant.

Play around with Emotions

The Sims 4 will be the first game in the franchise to introduce an intelligent emotional system for your Sims. While previously you could get positive or negative moodlets, we will now be able to play with our Sims’ moods even more detailed. Just to name a few examples, Sims can become confident, embarrassed, playful or happy. 


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