With the Toddler patch live, we need a new challenge right? The other day I saw James Turner doing this amazingly fun challenge to take care of 7 toddlers. There where no specific rules but he wanted to know if he could do this without losing his mind. So if you’re up for it and you need a real challenge, I suggest you try this one! Create a new family with 7 toddlers and one adult to take care of them.

If the adult Sim dies you’ll lose this challenge. If one of your toddler dies or gets taken away by child services, you’ll have to replace it with a new toddler and start all over with this one.

Challenge Rules

  • Your household has to have 1 adult. (you can customize this one)
  • Create 7 toddlers with the randomize tool in Create a Sim and give them an unique trait. Toddlers can’t have the same trait as their siblings.
  • Use a money cheat if necessary. (CTRL+SHIFT+C and enter: Motherlode)
  • Normal mode: You can hire a Nanny to help you out.
    Hard mode: You can’t hire any service that takes care of your toddlers.
  • You can buy anything you may need to take care of the toddlers.
  • Enter the setting from the image below.
Press Esc and go to Game Options. Select Gameplay and copy the options from this screenshot

That’s it! I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions regarding this challenge or if the rules are unclear, you can ask us in the comments below.

The SimGuru’s also did a live stream of the 7 toddler challenge!

You can watch the stream below.

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