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How to Collect Space Rocks in The Sims 4

How to Collect Space Rocks in The Sims 4

Space Rocks make great decor because of the different sizes they come in. They can only be found in outer space while taking a tour in your rocket ship.
If you want to collect all 4 Space Rocks, you will need to build a rocket ship first. If you do this and complete the Space Rock collection, you will get an rare Orchid plant in your mailbox.

Tip: The Space Rock collection gives a huge boost to the environment rating of your room.

How to collect all Space Rocks

The only way to collect Space Rocks is to build a rocket ship and explore outer space. When your Sim is exploring space, there is a chance they collect Space Rocks or even Aliens. When your Sims upgrade their rocket ship they can collect the Space Rocks faster.

If you have The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff your rodents can also collect these space rocks when they leave with their tiny rocket ship into space.

Space Rocks Collection

You can collect 4 different space rocks in space.

Common Space Rock

Price: §95
Rarity: Common

This adorable little space rock often thrives best luxuriating in the light of a distant star. Or desk lamp.

Uncommon Space Rock

Price: §145
Rarity: Uncommon

The uncommon space rock. Often quiet, always misunderstood.

Large Space Rock

Price: §200
Rarity: Uncommon

This larger than average space rock is prized for its stoic beauty in the face of calamity.

Unnaturally Large Space Rock

Price: §275
Rarity: Rare

This is an unnaturally large space rock. It is large enough to be an island. It can feel no pain. And it will never cry.

Complete Collection Reward: 
Cosmic Rock Collector

After studying your space rock collection from afar, the Simsonian Observatory has awarded you this plaque for a collection that is truly out of this world!

+ Orchid plant (Check your mailbox)

You can also unlock all the Space Rocks with the Buy Debug mode cheat (adds extra objects) found on the Cheat Code Master List. Make sure you place the Space Rocks in your inventory to complete the collection.


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