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Join the Video Game industry as a Tech Guru in The Sims 4

Join the Video Game industry as a Tech Guru in The Sims 4

Gather round gamers, it is time to chase your dream job and become a pro… a pro gamer, that is. Your Sim has been given the chance of a lifetime: joining the gaming industry and earn some nice Simoleons along the way! 

Who needs college with programming skills like yours? Opportunity is out there, ripe for the picking, and you and your big brain are ready to pluck away.

Career branches: eSport Gamer and Start-up Entrepreneur

Prepare for your job as a Tech Guru

Pick up the phone and choose the Tech Guru career to get started. We have some tips and tricks for you to help make it easier to get promotions.

  • Level up Video Gaming skill
    A big part of this career resolves around the Video Gaming skill. You can give yourself a kick-start by playing some video games in your spare time. It’s a great way to fulfil your Sim’s Fun needs too, how convenient!
  • Level up Programming skill
    Your Sim will need to show how tech savvy they are by learning the ins and outs of Programming. Try to get into a Focussed mood during your programming sessions, as it boosts your skill gain. 
  • Pick a helpful aspiration
    The Computer Whiz aspiration is by far the best choice to combine with the Tech Guru career. Your Sim will have goals to get promotions in the career, while also having to spend your time programming and playing video games.
  • Go to work with a positive emotion
    Pick the right traits so your Sim gets a happy buff quite easily. Make sure your needs are almost maxed out or you can work from home.
  • Complete the daily task
    This will give a boost to your work performance.
  • Maintain a good relationship with co-workers
    When you completed your first workday your colleagues will pop up in the relationship menu. Give them a call, text or invite them to your home to get a better relationship.

For the eSport Gamer branch

  • Become an eSports Competitor during university (requires The Sims 4 Discover University)
    During their university life your Sim will be able to pick between two after school activities. By picking the eSports Competitor activity your Sim will get a headstart in their future Tech Guru career by skipping the general part of the profession. Your Sim will immediately start as a Level 7 – eSports Competitor, the first job in the eSports Game branch.

For the Start-up Entrepreneur branch

  • Get a Computer Science degree (requires The Sims 4 Discover University)
    A degree in Computer Science means your Sim will hop right into the interesting bit of the Tech Guru career. Sims with a regular degree will start as a Level 7 – The Next Big Thing? of the Start-up Entrepreneur branch, while Sims with a Distinguished degree start their careers even higher with the Level 8 – Independant Consultant position. Get your Distinguished degree at the Foxbury Institute. 
  • Level up Charisma skill
    Your Sim will need people skills to sell their business for profit, so if you’re planning on choosing the Start-up Entrepreneur branch, we recommend you spend your time socializing with other Sims. Or you could always just talk to the mirror… whichever company you prefer.

Pick the right Traits

It’s helpful to pick the right traits for the job. This will boost the happiness of your Sim while working.

  • Genius
    These Sims tend to Focused, can Share Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they haven’t improved their Mental Skills for some time.
  • Geek
    These Sims become Happy when Reading Sci Fi or Playing Video Games, may become Tense if they haven’t played much, are better at finding Collectibles, and can Discuss Geek Things with other Geek Sims.
  • Self-Assured
    These Sims tend to be Confident.

Career Promotions

Now that you’re settled in a bit, it’s time to work on getting your Sim the promotions they deserve. Your Sim will disappear into a rabbit hole while they’re working, so now all you have to do is wait for them to return home or perhaps play other Sims in your household. 

Use cheats to level up the Tech Guru career

You can also use a cheat to give your Sim a promotion in the Tech Guru career. Make sure the testingcheats true cheat is turned on and then enter the following:

careers.promote TechGuru

You can complete your Daily Task by playing video games on any platform, phones included.

Daily Task: Play Video Games

The first Daily Task of the Tech Guru career might be one of the easiest of any careers out there. Spend your time playing video games and you’re done. You can play games on any platform, from console to your phone. This will also be your Daily Task if you pick the eSport Gamer branch, starting at Level 7 of the Tech Guru career.

1 – Live Chat Support Agent

Welcome to Babysitting 101! Your Sim will be using their above-average intelligence for hours of gentle guidance and virtual handholding, exploring brave new limits on just how thinly one can veil sarcasm.

§ 31/hour – § 248/day

2 – Quality Assurance

Your Sim has entered the exciting world of QA, the unsung heroes of software development. It’s the perfect job for people who feel like they break everything they touch! But hey, better they break it than the customer, right? Right??

§ 38/hour – § 342/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 2 Programming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
If you don’t own a computer, you can use one in a library to complete your Programming Daily Task.

Daily Task: Programming

This Daily Task is a little bit more boring to your Sims as it will drain the Fun need. From now on you’ll have to spend your time programming. Grab a computer and choose any of the Programming skill activities you want. At first your only option is to Practise Programming, but later on you’ll get some more interesting options. This will remain your Daily Task if you pick the Start-up Entrepreneur branch, which starts at Level 7 of the Tech Guru career.

3 – Code Monkey

Congrats to you! Now, instead of risking life, limb and job pointing out the gaping holes in someone else’s code, your Sim gets to put all semblance of a life aside to program code based on someone else’s deadlines. At least there’s a benefits package!

§ 47/hour – § 423/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 3 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 2 Video Gaming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Computer Hard Drive

4 – Ace Engineer

Wielding a rare combination of technical and political skills, your Sims is carving their way up the ranks at last! While innovative work is still a faint glimmer on the horizon, it’s finally in view and not everything your Sim does is totally mind-numbing.

§ 63/hour – § 504/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 4 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 3 Video Gaming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • The Sentinel

5 – Project Manager

Your Sim has finally achieved the glory of middle management! They get to drive the schedule, squeeze hundreds of programming hours out of each week, work magic with budgets and play the icey royalty everyone else gets to whine about.

§ 73/hour – § 584/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 5 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 4 Video Gaming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • The Hipster Hugger

6 – Development Captain

You have real power now. Your Sim doesn’t just manage measly one-off projects, they are in charge of the development process for several groundbreaking products. Aye, aye, this is going to be fun!

§ 78/hour – § 624/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 6 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 5 Video Gaming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Innovator’s Award for Excellence in Science
The rewards for the Tech Guru career so far.

Choose your specialization

Now it’s time to choose a path for your Sim in order to advance. The path you should choose depends on if you want to focus more on the gaming or the programming aspect of the Tech Guru career. The eSports Gamer branch is a lot more laid-back than the Start-up Entrepreneur branch, but its payment reflects this as well. At first the Start-up Entrepreneur is struggling more to make money, but eventually surpasses the eSports Gamer in income. 

Joining the eSports Gamer branch means playing a lot video games. All day, every day.

The eSport Gamer branch

You’ve been living and breathing video games since the moment you could twitch your trigger finger and as an eSport Gamer, you can cash in on that.

7 – eSport Competitor

As an amateur cyberathlete, your Sim’s world is about to change. After a lifetime of training within the dimly lit confines of bedrooms and basements, they are ready to travel the world and go head-to-head in dimly lit indoor stadiums. Their time is now.

§ 121/hour – § 1.089/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 6 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 6 Video Gaming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Stack of CDs

8 – Pro Gamer

Fantasy, meet reality. Your Sim is actually making a living playing games competitively. Sure, they aren’t exactly pulling in six figures yet, but the bounty’s getting bigger and the sponsors are taking note. Time to invest in media training!

§ 194/hour – § 1.358/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 7 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 8 Video Gaming Skill

Promotion Reward

  • “Revanne” Poster
  • Brag about Skillz social interaction

9 – APM Royalty

With Practice comes speed, and your Sim’s real-time strategy skills are living proof. With APM climbing past the 400 mark, your Sim has been known to assemble an army, equip it, construct an impenetrable base and annihilate at least one other race in the time it takes most people to tie their shoes.

§ 261/hour – § 1.566/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 8 Programming Skill
  • Max Video Gaming Skill at Level 10

Promotion Reward

  • Top Secret Computer

10 – Champion Gamer

W00T! Your Sim is now rolling in dough, and they don’t have too many complaints about being famous either. Sponsors are picking up tabs left and right, there are Simoleons to be made by streaming your practice sessions, and the tournament prizes are nothing to sneeze at. This is the dream of gamers everywhere!

§ 328/hour – § 1.968/day – § 7.872/week

Promotion Reward

  • PrioPerfection Motion Sensor Game Mat
Becoming a Start-up Entrepreneur is all about innovative thinking, creativity and great financial insight.

The Start-up Entrepreneur branch

Turn your Big Ideas into household names as a Start-up Genius. It’ll take savvy and connections, but fortune is within your reach.

7 – The Next Big Thing?

At last, your Sim has ditched big company bureaucracy to launch their very own company, founded on their very own ideals, to build their very own innovative solution. The only hitch? Their very own money is not quite enough to get this thing off the ground.

§ 98/hour – § 686/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 8 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • A Stroke of Genius

8 – Independent Consultant

Your Sim is making a name for themself in the tech world, but the cash from selling off their first company is already getting thin. Instead of bowing to someone else’s vision, your Sim decides to earn money as a consultant for private investors.

§ 185/hour – § 1.110/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Reach Level 9 Programming Skill
  • Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Minimalist Unplant

9 – Dot-Com Pioneer

With an impressive track record for successfully launching companies, your Sim is always on the go and never off the grid, making split-second decisions by text on everything from development to creative to UI. Remarkably, people listen!

§ 371/hour – § 2.226/day

Promotion Tasks

  • Max Programming Skill to Level 10
  • Reach Level 6 Charisma Skill

Promotion Reward

  • Light of My Life Painting

10 – Start-up Genius

Whiz Kid. Wonder. Visionary. Your Sim has been called them all, and they are confident they deserve it. Everything they touch turns to gold. Doors open when your Sim so much as glances at them. And technologies only emerge with their permission.

§ 516/hour – § 2.580/day – § 10.320/week

Promotion Reward

  • Plasmatron 3000 Flat Screen TV
  • Brag about Start-up interaction
The eSport Gamer rewards might be more Fun inducing, but the Start-up Entrepreneur rewards are all about luxury!

Earn extra money

You can also earn a bit more money on the side. If you’ve chosen the eSports Gamer branch, your Sim will gain the ability to Livestream video games for money. You can find it under the Play Game… interaction on a computer. If you don’t own your own pc, you can use one in any library.

Another option to earn some extra Simoleons is to finish your programming projects. At first you can only do smaller gigs, earning you a small amount each time you finish your task. You’ll open up more options once you advance in the Programming skill. Eventually you’ll be able to create projects to sell for royalties, giving you a steady flow of income daily.


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