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Spread the Love During Triple Boost Week!

Spread the Love During Triple Boost Week!

Love is in the air! Today is Valentine’s Day, meaning lots of roses, chocolate, cute pink stuff… What’s not to like? This year we did not get any CAS or build mode items, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make Valentine inspired Sims with the stuff already in the game. T-shirts with heart-shaped prints, pink and red dresses, you name it! It is right there for you and it can lead to very cutesie, romantic results. Perfect to create the dreamdate scenario for your Sims!

Jasmine Holiday Portrait
Jasmine Holiday is back!

Triple Boost week is here!

Jasmine Holiday returned to the neighborhood to help you and your Sims in the search for perfect love. Just call her on your phone and she’ll be right at your doorstep two seconds later. As always she’ll be wearing her red jacket, so she should be easy to spot. Once she’s there you’ll be able to ask her about the Triple Boost week for explanation, but more importantly, you can ask for the boost itself. This time she helps you gain better relationships with other Sims three times faster! Make sure to use this boost now, because Jasmine will only be here until Tuesday, February 21st.

Jasmine Holiday gives Boost
Jasmine gives you a relationship boost.

So did you already make your Valentine’s Sims and builds? Let us know on Twitter. We would love to see your creations!

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